Monday, April 19, 2010

Innovative approach to attract niche talent

The deeper we dig, more ways to leverage collaborative innovation surface.

Companies in search of niche talent all over the world face hurdles in two folds – a) how to reach out to the right forum where the required niche talent frequent and b) how to screen and shortlist.

Here are some of the challenges which are frequently encountered and a possible way out.

Companies like Google have been organizing competitions to lure the right candidates. These competitions provide candidates the flavor of what the company expects and thus attract only the candidates who are genuinely interested. After all one won’t attempt to solve a complex mathematical problem unless she has a personal interest in the subject.

ideaken, offers a SaaS platform for companies to host such recruitment competitions. Companies can define a competition challenge, define an appropriate reward and open it to the entire world. The right reward creates the right pull for the candidates to showcase their skills. Even if you do not end up hiring the winning candidate, you create an impression about your brand and organization culture.

Once the potential candidates put in their solutions, a team of reviewers can screen the solutions, and shortlist the right fitment of candidates. The companies can subsequently take the process forward with these candidates offline.

Usage of ideaken platform for running a competitive requirement campaigns for niche skill provides certain distinct advantages 

a) Smart Short listing - No longer shortlist the candidate just because they have certain keyword in their resume.  
b) Keep the branding - You can hire the platform and brand with your logo and content.  
c) Web Based - everything being web based allows companies to post challenges and recruit people from all over.  
d) Central but not co-located Review Team – as the platform is web based, all the solutions can be reviewed by one review team which effectively brings uniformity to the entire process  
e) Schedule based – since the challenge will follow a certain schedule, the whole process becomes much more streamlined and predictable  
f) Real time dashboard – at any time, you know how many candidates are solving your challenge. Meaning you have a fair idea of the response and may want to promote the challenge in other places  
g) Rewarding the top solution – allows to build brand equity within the community by sending the right message about the innovative culture in the enterprise  
h) Ability to run multiple challenges - platform allows companies to run multiple challenges at the same time.
    If you want to move away from the clutter of job portals and resume sourcing consultants and want to directly be in touch with your future employees. If you want to explore a new and innovative way to hiring then, you need to engage and start collaborating with your future employees. ideaken, collaborative innovation platform can help you take your first step towards this innovative hiring.

    If you would like to evaluate how this concept could be utilized for your enterprise, please send us a mail at for your competition hosting by ideaken.

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