Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Better have a Non-Innovative Chief Innovation Officer

You read it right. There is more to an innovation officer than innovation.

MUST have

1.    Foremost; something which you cannot learn by practice, it’s something inbuilt, don’t tick this off too quickly - Ability to smile at failure, wholeheartedly.

2.    Either an expert technologist with a keen interest in Business, or the other way round - Basically a Master of None. Because if you are one; then there is not only a possibility of a bias, but also a risk of not knowing what you don’t know!

3.    Collaboration is an overused word and so is Innovation, but you must bring these words together to collaborate to innovate. You need to be - A messenger, between all the Grey assets of your enterprise - especially the ones which are not labeled as Grey; and the Business of your enterprise. You will also enable engagements at top management level, both within and outside enterprise for decisions related to innovation.

4.    You are happy only when you have added building blocks to your company’s sales growth, however small, but definitely repeatedly. You have an Ability to get bored with status quo!.

GOOD to have

1.    This is another one which you cannot learn but only experience. Diversity in your thoughts blooms when you have often had lunch outside of your country and culture.

2.    ‘What if’ mindset, not necessarily of a chess player, but of a curious one, who might just window shop..

Must NOT

1.    The deadliest mistake is to have chief innovation officer as a mere ornamental position. When it is, the innovation agenda goes on for years w/o any positive impact on the organization and no one even notices it.