Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Good" & "Bad" of being "Part-Time" creative

Parallelism – is the “in” thing, enabled by the technology, connectivity and the evolution of human brain which has progressively learned how to switch off from the previous task and focus on the next.  Over the years this switch-overs has sped up, so much that it has attained parallelism. The best of the parallelism is applied in being creative. Never under estimate the idea you end up getting in a shower! 

If you love chocolate ice-cream the most, and if you are thinking of trying a new flavor today, ‘you are being creative’ even if you end up having a chocolate one in the end. Creativity is all about thinking differently, only criteria is being truthfully spontaneous!, no point thinking of a strawberry  flavor for the sake of it.

You either know that you are creative or you do not know it yet, there is no such thing as not being creative.  You either have the right audience who appreciates your creativity or you do not have it yet, it is not possible that such an audience does not exist. 

You may not be creative, between two of your creative spells. ‘Part-time creative’ - that’s how most of us are.

If you are wondering what could be the “Bad” of being part-time creative, then you are wondering for the right, there isn’t any “Bad” in being part-time creative, as long as you are capitalizing on it.


  1. That is very well thought Jayesh. In fact I too think in parallel with you. Actually speaking in profession no one is creative and in the real world every one is. Thousand times I have told to myself that "Vivek - the idea you got while rubbing the soap while having bath needs to be jotted down somewhere". In fact we need to have a very easy to use infrastructure to preserve ideas for use. It may be a very weird impractical and out of the world thought. But being positive upon the thinking of one ... the other part time players can continue to elaborate the idea by adding their drops of creativity. What say?

  2. Absolutely Vivek. What you said is very much possible and is part of ideaken development road map. Moving from individual innovation to idea management to open innovation, the team solution is the next frontier.

  3. Nice thoughts Jayesh. However, this creative business is fuzzy. Some may agree on definition of 'being different' while some may not. At the end of the day what matters is that what ever model of 'creative thinking' you adopt according to your individual style/likings, how do you chose to provide a sustainable life to it and take it to make the difference in something...and making difference for something better as compared to existing norms/standards. Every human being is different so its very difficult to systematize the 'creative thinking' part and more over I believe creative thinking is in-built, you have it or you don't. At best, one can make effort for being creative but if you don't have in yourself, its not going to be really much productive trying to be one. But giving life to a creative idea could be more systematic and that's where I think art of innovation really lies. World is full of people who can creatively ideate or generate opinions about everything around them but what's really hard is to find a way to realize some of those creative ideas through persisted scheme of things, from creation to deployment and value realization....

    As far as area of creative thinking is concerned, I'm sure there are varied possibility of creating creative thinking platforms (somewhat that Vivek is referring to) that can make creative thinking more collaborative, fun and easier to build up.

  4. Rakesh, that makes me think who certifies that the criteria one uses to decide for self if he/she is creative or not creative is the right one?

  5. Seems to me the good far out weighs the bad!


  6. Perhaps the great creative thinking minds keep there minds in a perpetual and intentional state of asking while most of us think we are applying ourselves only when we feel called upon to do so.