Saturday, January 30, 2010

Seeker looking for a device that allows a player, to set up dominos faster for a toppling game

Seeker is looking for device design, which should allow a player to set up the dominos faster than any other traditional method of setting them up possible today.

The device design should allow the user to create interesting patterns, including but not limited to circles, trees where one row becomes two and two becomes four, curves. Also allow predefined shapes, which could connect to each other to make a longer domino queue. Patterns and shapes could be created by using the device multiple times (in other words, the device does not need to release the pattern or design in one go)

Player should be able to repeat the whole process for any number of times, which means that once the dominos fall, it should be easy to set them again.

Solver need to submit the technical design for the device with details.
A video capture of a) technical design with explanation and b) the design at work; is must.

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